What is a Sales Funnel? And How To Create One that Actually Makes Money - Dan Guillermo

What is a Sales Funnel? And How To Create One that Actually Makes Money

By Dan Guillermo | Affiliate Marketing

So, you want to make money online, but where do you start? What is a sales funnel? How do you market it to the right audience? Look no further because ClickFunnels creator, Russell Brunson, will teach you! Become an expert and change your life. Subscribe:

In this video, he will be teaching you marketing basics so you can build a sales funnel, and market it effectively. This video is part of a larger series where Russell is giving you training on not just how to use clickfunnels but on how to increase your online sales.

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About the Author

Dan is happily married for 18 years and has 2 wonderful children. After experiencing success in the corporate world, Dan decided it was time to start a business of his own. He has been in Internet Marketing for 3 years now and has built an online business that is growing every year. Dan created a 10 part video course on Affiliate Marketing which you can access free of charge by clicking here.

  • 5x5420 says:

    PERFECT! Too many people think a funnel is some new, obscure concept and I always try to explain how it’s simply a process… something you likely already have in place… yaddy yadda. Now, I don’t have to do that anymore because I can just share your video. Thanks Russell!

  • Jennifer Vranes - JensArt.com says:

    Russel is the G.O.A.T! Thanks for helping so many Entrepreneurs!

  • Draco_aB says:

    Great tips. Absolutely love how the comment section is nothing but positivity and advice

  • Doug Dennis says:

    Have been watching alot of your videos which means…. here come the funnels!!

  • Duke Media - the digital marketing Wikipedia says:

    Am I the only one wondering why someone would want to make a potato gun? 🤔😃

  • Michelle Walmsley says:

    Thank you so much for this, I have had a genuine light-bulb moment on how I can generate a side income from my website that I am about to launch! Amazing! 🙂

  • Quantina Beck-Jones says:

    This is the clearest most concise and short explanation I’ve been waiting for. Many thanks!

  • Chad Bartlett says:

    Great explanation Russell! Sales funnel a “you know what” at the start but once you understand the purpose of them and why they work so well I couldn’t imagine how a business makes sales without them!

  • Kimberly Adams says:

    does a click funnel work for a MLM product?

  • elsa helgason says:

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  • Georgios Antonopoulos says:

    The video shows some of the most tempting dishes of the Indian cuisine that makes you feel hungry every time you look at it. Great cooking performance overall!

  • Photoshop Hustler says:

    Thanks, first time to read about funnels , this was very benefitial

  • Cousin Bryan says:

    At no point does he explain what a funnel is. It’s just a long rambling story about selling a DVD that teaches people how to make a potato gun.

  • Service Hub21 says:

    Thank you for this very important Information. Great job making it sounds really doable!

  • גיא ברכה טשרניחובסקי, עו"ד says:

    Very good! how do I bring you to overview my business? 🙂

  • Destiny Sales says:

    Excellent Mr. Brunson. Learned a lots. But my question is: how do you make sure you create a returning customers to your funnels?

  • sexy squidward says:

    Why didn’t he just optimize his ads back in those times $50 was alot it still is today. Back then I was was max $2 a lead.

  • Shreyansh Singh says:

    Thanks 🤗 Made my own YouTube channel after following Russell Advice….Have a look at it Any feedback would be appreciated n Subscribing won’t hurt either 😉

  • Saiel Solomon says:

    i don’t really understand the math here… 52 divided by 3 is 65? where did 52 come from?

  • HIDlarissaTERRY says:

    Today the coolest day of the year!

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