The Anatomy Of A Perfect SEO Campaign | Neil Patel - Dan Guillermo

The Anatomy Of A Perfect SEO Campaign | Neil Patel

By Dan Guillermo | List Building

I go over all these tips and tactics in these videos like content marketing, link building, but how do you integrate them into a SEO campaign? It's kind of confusing, right? Today I'm going to share with you the anatomy of a perfect SEO campaign. Not only am I going to end up breaking down what I want you to do to create the perfect SEO campaign, I'm going to walk you through it step by step, so that way, you can get results.


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The first thing I want you to do to start off your SEO campaign is to map out the content gaps.

So, you got competition, you're competition may be more popular than you, less popular than you, who knows, but either way, you got competition.

And the thing is, if you have competition, they're getting traffic, two article or pages, that you're not getting traffic from.

But what a content gap looks at is when you go to Ubersuggest and you type in the URL of your competitor, scroll down, yeah you'll see their traffic, but go to a report called top pages.

This will break down all their popular pages in order from most popular to least popular. It even shows you the keywords that each of these pages is ranking for. This will help you identify what they're ranking for, what you're not ranking for.

A simple way, if it's a lot of data, you can just export that report into a CSV and just quickly delete all the articles that you have on your site that are similar and then keep the ones that you have not covered.

This is what's called the skyscraper technique. Whatever other people's content are in the top 10, you want to make sure yours is so much better that people won't dare to copy you.

The second thing I want you to do is identify internal linking opportunities. So, you can either do this through Ubersuggest or Google search console. Go and look at your top pages. These are the pages that are getting the best rankings, the most amount of traffic.

What you should be doing is making sure that you're linking to them internally on a regular, consistent basis. How many internal links do these pages have? Are they getting a ton of links, are they not?

The pages that are doing well, make sure you go to existing pages on your site and you're interlinking to them.

The third thing you need to do is leverage existing assets and content that you're already ranking for. I love calling this the land and expand strategy.

I love putting in those keywords into Ubersuggest, shows me all the long tail phrases, because if you already rank for the head term, there's a really high probability that you'll rank for the long tail version of it without much work, without any link building.

So, by integrating those long tail phrases within your content, rewriting it, make sure it's thorough, don't just stuff in those keywords, you'll also start picking up traffic there, as well.

The fourth thing you need to do is have a cohesive content calendar.

This is so important.

You know, there was a period of time, a month or so, where I didn't blog at all. Not only did my traffic go down, but then when I started blogging again, it took me roughly three months, that's three whole months, to recover back where I originally was.

That's how important it is to be consistent.

You don't want to take those breaks.

The last strategy I have for you, with your SEO campaign, you need to leverage content clusters and pillar pages.

So, for example, my blog is on online marketing, I may have a page on digital marketing that encompasses what digital marketing is and gives an overview and it's super-thorough and it may have roughly 10 thousand words, but in additional to that what I'm doing is I'm leveraging tools like AnswerThePublic to see all the questions people are typing around digital marketing.

I'm leveraging tools like Ubersuggest to see all the long tail phrases people are typing in related to digital marketing. I'm leveraging sites like Quora to see what questions people have around digital marketing. Then what I do is I start creating content around all these topics that aren't discussed on my sites, in other words, not just long tail phrases, but long tail phrases, questions, comparison articles.

All this data helps me round it out, so that way I'm covering every little aspect of digital marketing and I take all those subsections and I link to them from the main pillar page.

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