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Splitting Time Between Your Job and Your Business

By Dan Guillermo | General

There are many marketers on the internet living the laptop lifestyle, meaning they can work from anywhere as long as they have internet access and a laptop. Then there are people like me who work full time and also run an online business.

If you are in the same boat as I am then you know how hard it can be to make time for your business while work, family obligations and chores just keep getting in the way. It is very common to start your online business on the side while working full time or maybe you love what you do and want to make an extra income online. Whatever the reason for having a job and a side business, it is a huge sacrifice which requires disciplined time management to be successful.

I’ve tried many methods of time management such as GTD apps and to do lists but none have worked well for me. I didn’t make progress in my time management until I started making time in my calendar for the most important tasks. Once the tasks were in my calendar I would dedicate the time just like with any other meeting that is in my calendar. If I have a bunch of low priority tasks, I will group them together and add a calendar entry for 30 minutes or one hour to complete these as well. What I found is that I would actually attend to these calendar appointments. In a nutshell, let your calendar run your day. I noticed a huge productivity jump when applying this method. I’m not sure who's quote this is but I often hear that If it isn’t scheduled, it won’t happen.

You should also make sure your mindset is inline with your goals. If you keep your eye on the end goal and stay focused on what you are trying to accomplish you will find that it is easier to stick to your plan and get things done.

The hardest part now, is dealing with some of the guilt that comes with sitting in my office working while my family is hanging out upstairs. I’m fortunate to have a wife that is understanding and knows that when I am in my office it means I am in business building mode. I always make it a point to keep certain times in my calendar open so I know that I can be with my my family. After all, they are the reason I am doing this.


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Dan is happily married for 18 years and has 2 wonderful children. After experiencing success in the corporate world, Dan decided it was time to start a business of his own. He has been in Internet Marketing for 3 years now and has built an online business that is growing every year. Dan created a 10 part video course on Affiliate Marketing which you can access free of charge by clicking here.