Key To Internet Marketing Success – Conversion – Part 1 – Dan Guillermo

Key To Internet Marketing Success – Conversion – Part 1

By Dan Guillermo | Affiliate Marketing

Conversion is absolutely the key that opens the door to Internet Marketing success! So what is conversion anyway? It’s not complicated.

Conversion is when a visitor to any page of yours takes an action on that page that you want them to take.

Pretty simple right!

Some people think conversions are just about sales. If that is what you think, you would be making a mistake and may find yourself very frustrated.

Examples of conversions:

  • Someone visits your blog and clicks on a link, then opts in to get a free gift you are offering them in exchange for their email. The click is not the conversion. The optin is the conversion.

  • Someone clicks an ad in your post on Facebook to take a survey. They complete the survey. Taking the survey is a conversion.

  • Someone arrives at a sales page for a product you are promoting. They purchase the product. The purchase is a conversion.

Hopefully you can see from these examples why conversion is the key that opens the door to Internet Marketing success.

Internet marketing is about sales yes, but at its root it is about convincing people to take the actions we want them to take.

Small Actions Lead to Sales In Internet Marketing

Encouraging your visitor to take small easy actions like taking a survey, or giving their email address to receive a free gift, will make it easier for the prospect to decide to buy.

The first reason is simply because taking these repeated actions you offer them builds positive momentum or “yes” momentum. “Yes” momentum is a very effective sales concept often used in the offline sales world.

Each time a visitor takes an action you offer them and receives a positive result, like a great free offer AND it helps them in some way, their confidence grows in taking your advice.

So when the time comes for you to ask them to make a purchase they are much more inclined to do so.

Next, by getting their email address you are building a list of prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.

Once your visitor joins your email list, you can:

  • Send them nurturing content,

  • Build their trust in what you have to offer and

  • Then offer them products or services to purchase.

Again, the numbers show that the odds of a visitor buying through follow up email are much higher than when they visit a sales page directly and never receive any follow up email.

When it comes to being successful in internet marketing, conversions happen all along the way.

Getting that first conversion from a visitor is perhaps the most important and is definitely the most difficult.

Once a visitor has taken an action and given you their email address getting them to take the next action and the next becomes easier and easier.

Of course getting visitors to convert to prospects and prospects to buyers takes experience. To get that experience you must begin!

It’s important to create your landing pages with the idea in mind of getting your visitor to take an action. Then test it.

Send some traffic to your landing page and see how many convert. You must send enough traffic to get a reasonable measurement.

Find out what is common for your industry and see how your page performed. If you are knocking it out of the park that’s fantastic!

If you’d like to see your conversions increase then make some adjustments to the page to make it easier for your visitor to convert.

In Part 2 of our series we’ll look at some simple and very effective ways you can increase conversions on your landing pages.

Until next time…


About the Author

Dan is happily married for 18 years and has 2 wonderful children. After experiencing success in the corporate world, Dan decided it was time to start a business of his own. He has been in Internet Marketing for 3 years now and has built an online business that is growing every year. Dan created a 10 part video course on Affiliate Marketing which you can access free of charge by clicking here.

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