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How Can I Get Traffic To My Site

By Dan Guillermo | Affiliate Marketing

One of the hardest and most important things in business is traffic, but I believe that goes for any business both on and off line. Lets think about it for a second…when you create a site be it a squeeze page, blog, review site, niche site or e-commerce site the most important piece to the puzzle is traffic. If you start an offline business you will need people to see the business or know of its existence. That is the only way you will sell anything and generate revenue.

I have used many forms of traffic generation for my websites and below I will list some of the methods and a short description of each. I will list a few common paid methods as well as some free methods of traffic. Keep in mind when generating traffic you either need time or money.

Banner Ads: These are banners that you place on your site or on another website or blog usually with a call to action pointing them back to your site. These can be placed on a relevant website and should be very specific and targeted so it will attract good leads. Banner ads are a very effective method of generating traffic but can be hit or miss. These are usually a paid form of traffic generation and there is no guarantee of the results. The better your banner (such as copy, call to action , colors, and design) the better the results will be. There should be plenty of testing when using banner ads, but keep in mind it could get expensive.

Solo Ads: I love solo ads and use them often for my traffic generations. Solo ads is when you pay someone to send an email to their list. There are many good and bad solo ad sellers so be very careful. When you purchase a solo ad you know how many clicks you will be getting to your site, they are usually sold in per click packages. If you buy 1000 clicks you know you will get at least 1000 clicks. There are 2 main variables which are the squeeze page or sales page that you will be sending the leads to and of course the quality of the list. This method will require quite a bit of testing to make sure you have a high converting sales or squeeze page. Unfortunately, finding a good solo ad seller may take some trial and error but once you find a good one, I suggest you use them on a regular interval.

Facebook Marketing: This can fall into both the paid and free category. Many marketers are using Facebook very successfully both ways. It can be free if you use it to build trust with people and provide them content and make valuable connections. You can use it to build your brand and gain the trust of your followers. You can build a community within facebook and keep it social. This is a great way to build a following for free. Facebook can also be used as a paid traffic generation method. Facebook sells ads which can be shown to any demographic you choose. This is very similar to banner ads but you have more control over who the ad is being presented to. The ads can be in the form of a post or on the right hand side. Many marketers are using Facebook Ads with great success.

Blog commenting and Forum Marketing: I’m grouping these methods together because conceptually they are quite similar. This is a free method of generating traffic but will require more time and effort. Blog commenting is when you visit various relevant blogs and leave comments. Usually when you visit a blog there is an option to comment on the blog and they usually allow you to link your website. Forum marketing is when you visit various forums usually within your niche and reply to posts in the forum. The main thing to keep in mind is in order for these 2 methods to be effective is that you need to provide value. Your blog comments or forum posts need to be informative, educational and entertaining. They need to give the readers a reason to want to know more about you.

Guest Posting: I am not much of a writer so this is not a method I would personally pursue. However, if writing is for you then this is a great method to look into. Guest posting is when you write an article for someone else’s blog. The blog you write for should be someone in your niche and it should hopefully be someone who already has an audience. This is a win-win because you get to brand yourself and get your content out in front of many new eyes. While the blog owner gets free content for their site that involved little to no work.


There you have it 5 methods of traffic that marketers are successfully using today to generate traffic. There are more methods but these will get you off to a great start. My suggestion is do not try them all. Try one or two and get really good at them. You don’t need a bunch of methods to be successful, it only takes 1 or 2 to make a huge difference in your business.


About the Author

Dan is happily married for 18 years and has 2 wonderful children. After experiencing success in the corporate world, Dan decided it was time to start a business of his own. He has been in Internet Marketing for 3 years now and has built an online business that is growing every year. Dan created a 10 part video course on Affiliate Marketing which you can access free of charge by clicking here.

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